Meet the Pool Doctor

Our experienced and knowledgeable technicians ensure your pool is ready
to be enjoyed when you want to enjoy it.


Meet the Pool Doctor

We ensure your pool has smooth running systems.


Meet the Pool Doctor

We ensure your pool is filled with clean, refreshing, perfectly balanced water 

Family Approved

Your pool should be associated with happiness and relaxation — not frustration and disappointment. At Pool Doctor, our experienced and knowledgeable technicians ensure your pool is always crystal clear,
safe and operating at it’s peak, most efficient performance!

The Pool Doctor Difference

  • Uniformed employees are highly trained, highly knowledgeable as well as dependable and trustworthy
  • Your pool is taken care of by the same technician to ensure consistent high quality service
  • Technicians follow the very latest pool maintenance chemical guidelines – you won’t have to worry about all the issues associated with over or under chemical usage
  • Technicians use carefully calibrated and perfectly maintained pool equipment
  • Thorough pool system checks are conducted frequently to ensure good working order-including testing all pool equipment to find problems before they become a problem!
  • Pool doctor is a state-certified pool service contractor, with nearly 20 years in the pool industry, so you don’t have to worry about violating any warranties or state laws
  • Pool doctor goes beyond simply cleaning your pool. We are trained to keep the water safe with all equipment operating properly.

Premium Pool Care and
Algae Free Guarantee

Our premium pool care clients can rest easy with our money back algae free guarantee! We install & utilize a mineral treatment which prevents algae growth and lessens the need for harsh chlorine chemicals. Contact us for more information.

Achieve Optimal Pool Safety with Pool Doctor.

Unbalanced water can harm swimmers, damage the pool surface and end up turning what is meant to be an oasis into a stress-causing eyesore.
Likewise, systems that are not properly maintained can lead to expensive repairs and more pool usage problems.

At Pool Doctor our trained technicians understand the science of water chemistry and know exactly how to keep a pool’s Ph in balance no matter
what obstacles are present, whether it might be “hard” water or extensive exposure to the intense Florida sun or something else entirely.


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