Pool Maintenance

Pool Maintenance

If you want your pool to be ready when you are ready to use it, then your selection of a good pool maintenance and cleaning service is essential.

At Pool Doctor, our highly trained, highly knowledgeable service technicians take the stress and hassle out of keeping your pool looking and performing at its best.

In fact, our services are the best investment you can make to ensure the longevity of your pool. After all, something as simple as having unbalanced pool chemicals can quickly lead to damage of sensitive pool equipment and to your pool’s surface.

Weekly Maintenance Includes:

  • Carefully test your pool water
  • Skim water surface
  • Brush all tile, walls, steps, and benches
  • Clean debris from skimmer & pump baskets
  • Vacuum debris from pool as necessary
  • Clean or backwash pool filter per manufacturers recommendation
  • Inspect salt system/cell and clean as necessary
  • Remove pool debris from property
  • Test heaters, blowers, lights, gfci outlets on monthly basis
  • Blow off pool deck and equipment area

We offer:

  • One-Time Pool Maintenance Visits
  • Ongoing Pool Maintenance & Cleaning Service (Weekly)
  • One Time Cleaning Visits
  • Green Pool Recoveries “Green to Clean”
  • Stain Removal

Call 904-333-5023 or contact us to ensure the health, safety and beauty of your pool.

Pool Doctor will keep your pool looking beautiful and
ensure its longevity for your maximum enjoyment.